TASK:  Timely Acts of Sacrificial Kindness

Our TASK ministry is one way at CCC we try to help people either within our church or out in the community who encounter special needs that they cannot likely meet themselves.  Anyone can nominate someone (not themselves) with a one-time or short-term need. To do so click here to download the application form.

Fill in the information with as much detail as possible, sign it and mail, email or fax it back to the CCC office.

We’ll add their name to our database and see if anyone can help meet that need.

All information will be kept confidential with only a general description of the person or family, their need and contact information made public.  It is up to the person or family meeting the need to make contact and to handle the specifics for meeting that need including transportation, ordering, etc.

CCC’s role is to be the vehicle through which needs are discovered and communicated to others.