Worship Ministry

Worship is one of the most important ways we can prepare our hearts and remind ourselves of God’s love, sacrifice, and glory. At Christ Community Church, worshipping together is a high and essential value. We devote significant resources and time to create opportunities to praise God each week, both together and at home.

Music at Christ Community Church

Our music at Christ Community Church is both contemporary and welcoming of those melodies and lyrics that still speak to us from the past. We are always looking to refine our music and find songs that fit our style and speak to our hearts.

The Worship Team is blessed with highly devoted and talented musicians and vocalists. Some have even been on the team for more than 30 years. We prepare music each week based on the following tenants:

  1. Worship is about God, for His praise and glory
  2. Worship focuses and prepares our hearts for His word
  3. Worship calls us to be vulnerable

Worship Team Roles


Our passionate vocalists lead the congregation each Sunday, helping guide everyone’s hearts to prepare them for God’s word.


The worship band, including piano, guitar, keyboard, and drums, supports the vocalists and sets the tone for each song!

A/V Tech

Sound techs manage the PA system for the worship team, Pastor, and anyone holding a microphone, while the visual tech controls the projector with lyrics, slides, and videos.


The media team supports CCC by recording Sunday services, taking photos at events, and posting on social media.

We hope that our Sunday expressions of worship will translate into meaningful worship all week at home, as we work and as we serve others.

Join the Worship Ministry

We are always looking for others to join our team – singers, musicians, sound mixers, camera operators – of any experience level. If you have passion to serve in glorifying God, we would love to talk to you!

Contact Dane Stier at danecstier@gmail.com.