Worship Arts Ministry

Worshiping together and learning what worship truly means are high and essential values at CCC. Therefore, we give significant resources to our opportunities to praise God each week both together and at home.

We provide music, prayer, art, service and other opportunities for people to give God glory and enjoy His presence in doing so. Our music is both contemporary and welcoming of those melodies and lyrics that still speak to us from the past.

We believe that excellence, creativity and variety also honor God and represent the way He made us – unique, expressive and emotional. We are always looking for others to join our teams that lead us from musicians to singers to artists to technicians, asking each to serve as well so that God is glorified, Jesus is lifted up and the Holy Spirit has freedom to work in everyone.

We hope that our corporate expressions of worship will translate into meaningful worship all week at home, as we work and as we serve others.