About Us

Christ Community Church is a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America. It was started in 1834, having been in its current location since its building was built in 1969. We’re small but a growing church, with a heart to reach people throughout our county while developing disciples of Jesus who build meaningful relationship with others.  Our vision statement is to help people: Worship God, Love others and Share Christ.

Our values include: doing things with excellence, using creativity, giving sacrificially, praying passionately and reaching the world through missions with the Gospel. And we are currently working with numerous other churches to together impact even more for Christ.

Our Vision

Our vision in three words: Know. Grow. Go.


Love God. We aim to revere God and enjoy his grace together in WORSHIP, to know and love Christ and to honor and obey him in all of life.


Love God’s Word. We shape hearts and minds for service through DISCIPLESHIP, to grow in Christ’s grace by prayerful, careful study of his Word.


Love God’s World. Our MISSION is to declare and demonstrate the gospel of grace to people, to go with the Holy Spirit to make disciple-makers who serve God’s world and call it to Christ.

Our Values

What kind of church are we? We believe the Bible is God’s inspired, authoritative Word. It’s our true and trustworthy guide. We believe what the historic church has always taught, summarized in the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds.


Our Mission

A healthy church displays God’s character to a hurting world by growing a disciple-making community that enjoys God in worship, shapes hearts for service, and calls our world to Christ.