Missionaries / Missions

Christ Community Church takes Christ’s challenge to make disciples in all the world very seriously. So as you will see we support both missionaries and agencies in a variety of countries and mission endeavors both here and abroad.

The list below shows those that we support and you can click on each one to find out more information. When possible we do not want to merely give money either but also provide workers and practical assistance in every way possible.


On December 26th, the day after Christmas 2018, a new sound was unveiled on your radio in Princeton and surrounding communities. A carefully selected playlist of Christian music from today and yesterday emerged on 88-3 FM that finds happy listeners from all ages....

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Young Life

Please continue to keep Young Life in your prayers. YL club is going really well. We are averaging around 40-50 students each week to hear the gospel at Club. We have 3 different bands each week that are leading music at our YL club. These bands are being led by...

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Abigail Women’s Clinic

Since 1973 abortion in the United States has been legal in all 9 months of pregnancy.  Every 20 seconds a baby is killed and a mother is wounded. Abigail Women’s Clinic (AWC), a 501c non-denominational pro-life ministry, has been working for life in the Illinois...

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Brad & Susan Rhoads – Mission Aviation Fellowship

Brad and Susan Rhoads are back serving in the U.S., where Brad is a Technology Consultant and Trainer for Mission Aviation Fellowship’s (MAF) Edutech team. The Edutech team is focused on building up the body of Christ by serving national pastors and other ministries...

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John & Debbie Coats – Cambodia

John and Debbie have worked for several years to meet basic health and food needs in rural Cambodia, a country devastated by years of war and the repressive rule of the Khmer Rouge regime. Debbie, a nurse practitioner, has worked to improve the clinical skills of...

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NightLight Ministries – Jeff & Annie Dieselberg

Fueled by a growing demand, countless women and children from around the world are victimized by gender inequality, poverty and cultural obligations. They are sold or pressured into prostitution and trafficked in and out of Bangkok to sustain an increasingly global...

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