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Abigail Women’s Clinic

Since 1973 abortion in the United States has been legal in all 9 months of pregnancy.  Every 20 seconds a baby is killed and a mother is wounded.

Abigail Women’s Clinic (AWC), a 501c non-denominational pro-life ministry, has been working for life in the Illinois Valley since 1997.  They provide services and referrals to women who are in a crisis pregnancy, at risk for unplanned pregnancy, or in financial straits that put their unborn or young child’s health at risk.

AWC provides limited obstetrical ultrasounds at no cost to the client.  Statistics show that once a mother sees an ultrasound of her unborn child, she is 90+% likely to continue the pregnancy.

The AWC office is located at 1610 Stroble Ave., P.O. Box 28 in Mendota, IL, 61342.

Who is Abigail?  The Biblical Abigail appears in 1 Samuel 25 as the  wife of Nabal.  David was about to slaughter her family, but she intervened in a bad situation and prevented the spilling of innocent blood by providing the support necessary to take her family out of danger.  Like Abigail, AWC intervenes in less than ideal situations, and in the process help families avoid the pain of abortion.

For more information and mobile location and schedule, you can visit the AWC website at www.pregnancyoutreach.info.